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Discovery Inc.
Mark Wu is great UX Designer. I have known him for 4 years, working with him at NBCUniversal and Discovery. He has been instrumental in helping to build and guide the UX teams within these companies. Ensuring cross-department collaboration, and clear stakeholder communication. Engaged, passionate and knowledgable, always willing to go the extra mile. Mark would be an asset to any product team.
Kevin Newman
Product and Innovation Director
September 2019

Mark is a true expert in UX. He is extremely knowledgeable and dependable and is always willing to help the team. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him, and would be delighted to have him on my team in the future.
Raza Ali
Digital Product Manager
February 2019

We collaborated with Mark for almost two years, in solving UX challenges for large scale projects within NBCUniversal. Mark is a brilliant UX Designer, one that can explore and innovate but also deliver consistently on time; putting the user at the centre of the Design process and balancing between business requirements and best practices. Mark is the UX Designer who I’d trust to bring even the toughest UX challenges to the finish line.
Theodore Andreadakis
Senior UX Designer
February 2019

Mark was our UX lead on a high profile launch of a new DTC digital gifting service which I was MD for from within NBCUniversal. Mark and I worked closely together within the agile team we recruited to build and launch this service in the UK before taking it to other international markets in the future. Mark is a skilled and experienced UX leader and was highly respected by the team. He always had a data-driven, consumer-first approach and was dedicated to testing and refinement throughout the development process. In particular, I always appreciated Mark's ability to think about the "non-happy paths" for the end user when making UX designs and decisions. He was never afraid to speak his mind and back up his stance with clear reason and data and I found him to consistently have a collaborative approach working with product, design, marketing and business teams. Mark is reliable, hard-working and generally a pleasure to work with and would happily work with him again in the future.
Brandon DiMassa
Vice President, International Business Development
January 2019

I've worked with Mark on Hayu, an SVOD platform at NBCUniversal, for over 3 years. From the initial design and development on responsive web and iOS/Android apps, up to and including multiple TV apps (Fire, TVOS etc..) available today in 11 countries, Mark has consistently brought his knowledge and graft to provide UX insights for the hayu Product and wider team to work with. He (rightly) advocates for the user/customer but also understands and balances business requirements with realistic development features and timescales. I have no hesitation in recommending him to lead UX design on any digital project.
Tom Gibb
Digital Product Director
January 2019

Mark is undoubtedly one of the best UX designers I've worked with. He is diligent, creative and detailed, able to both work and communicate as an effective member of a team or as a solo designer. At every stage Mark focuses on translating business requirements into user centric design, aiming for the highest Product standards and best practices along the way. Open to new ideas and always a pleasure to work with, I wish Mark the best with his next assignment!
Bruce Mitchell
Vice President, Digital
December 2018

I worked with Mark at NBC Universal where he played a leading role in re-launching Wave, NBCUniversal’s social communication and collaboration platform. Mark and I collaborated together from the projects inception which was a godsend given Marks wide ranging set of skills. Whether it be conducting experiments to better understand user needs, spinning up prototypes to test assumptions, or crafting well considered UX and design, Mark embraced every opportunity and consistently delivered work of the highest quality. It was a pleasure working with Mark and I sincerely hope to work with him again.
Lee Turner
Product Director
December 2018

Mark is an incredibly diligent and talented UX designer. He led the charge on rapid prototyping, testing and learning in developing site wide UX improvements on our digital gifting project - reaching a point where the competing needs for conversion rates and fun were well balanced and the product is in a really good position. In terms of how he works, mark's attention to detail is second to none, and he's adept at working completely collaboratively with a number of stakeholders - always checking that what he is producing answers business requirements, incorporates incorporating best practice, and fits with what's technically possible. It's been a pleasure working with him and I hope we get to team up again in the future.
Chris Hagger
Product Director
December 2018

Having looked high and low, Mark is the designer I have chosen to work with again and again. We've worked together on PoliticsHome, Opigram, YouGov and InConversation. He's got a great eye, he's thorough and most of all he's calm and good natured which makes him a pleasure to work with. Couldn't recommend him more highly.
Freddie Sayers
Former Editor-in-Chief of YouGov. Founder of PoliticsHome, CoEditor and InConversation
August 2018

Mark's a great all round designer/creative. The thing I really like about working with Mark, apart from his great design work, is that he *thinks* a lot. You don't have to brief every last detail at all - he'll cover that proactively himself.
Matthew Fletcher
Director of Strategy
April 2015

PwC via Atticmedia
...I want to make sure you know the great job your team have done. My thanks. This looks and reads so well all the value is there.
Sarah J. Lindsell
Director of Global & UK Learning Technology & Transformation at PwC
August 2013

PwC via Atticmedia
Thank you for the stellar job you've done. Mark, it looks spectacular. Thank you so much.
Keith Resseau
Senior Consultant, Learning Technology & Transformation at PwC
August 2013

BBC Academy via Atticmedia
I really like these Mark. I love the depth of field of the check boxes on the cloth version and the whiter background is really fresh… Many thanks and well done - it looks great.
Emer McPolin
Senior Designer
July 2013

Cambridge University Press via Atticmedia
Please be assured that I'll always remember about your great service and spread the word to other colleagues.
Dorota Bednarczyk-Krajewska
Platform Delivery Manager
July 2013

Mark joined us recently to work on one of our major accounts. He joined mid way through the project which wasn't going great at that time. However his creative vision and simple hard working attitude saved this project in the end. Looking forward to the next one!
Filip Rokita
Managing Director
November 2010

Illumina Digital
Mark is one of those rare creatures in the creative industries: A hands-on, lateral-thinking, 360-degree creative consultant who, apart from his analytical skills, has a very strong eye for composition and typography. His technical know-how is at the cutting edge of what's possible. Whenever it became clear that Mark was to be a team member on a project, everyone involved would breath a sigh of relief - not only is his professional input invaluable as a consultant and senior creative, but he is also jovial, easy-going and great to talk to.
Martin Hovezak
Creative Lead/Creative Services Manager
August 2010

Illumina Digital
Mark is a brilliant interactive designer, information architect and user experience specialist... and he has outstanding graphic skills. He is a pleasure to work with, quick, calm under pressure and good with clients. I have no hesitation recommending Mark.
Davie McGirr
Director of Design and Development
July 2010

Illumina Digital
I've worked with Mark on various projects over the last 18 months and it has always been a pleasure doing so. Mark is different from the average designer in that he is very knowledgeable and sympathetic towards technical, user and implementation issues.

In web and software interface development, this knowledge saves a significant amount of time, money and effort by requiring less design iterations and producing interfaces that are less susceptible to usability issues.
Damien Hampton
Head of Technology
July 2010

Illumina Digital
Mark is an excellent designer, full of initiative and creativity. You've been absolutely invaluable with this project - without your effort, I have no doubt that it would have gone horrible wrong.
Carlton Reeve
Executive Producer
July 2010

Illumina Digital
Mark was an incredibly valuable and pivotal addition to the team working on a high profile government project. His exceptional level of creativity, planning, organising, management and communication was a delight and privilege to work with.

This valuable input to the team was complimented by his ability to keep a level head and calmness throughout the project that motivated and inspired others around him. I'm looking forward to the next project that will allow us to work on together.
Luke Miller
Studio Manager
July 2010

Illumina Digital
I found Mark to be both talented and reliable. Always quick to take a brief and interpret with flair. Functioned very well without further intervention, using his initiative. Happy to manage other team members which he did extremely effectively.
Richard Land
Creative Director / Executive Producer
August 2010

Hitachi Europe Ltd
Kibook worked closely with Hitachi in a successful partnership that delivered a highly complex and quality presentation system within a constrained budget and very short timescale. Using animation, visually enticing graphics, music and sound Kibook successfully captured the essence of Hitachi's RFID solutions and its application in a product supply chain.

Kibook exceeded the original requirements specification and developed a flexible and highly configurable system that could be easily personalised by Hitachi sales staff for different audiences. Once again Kibook have strengthened their working relationship with Hitachi through quality deliverables, timely and responsive feedback and excellent staff.
Sody Kahlon
Head of Mu Software
Mu Solutions - EMEA

Film & Video Umbrella
Kibook responded to our brief with great responsiveness, and worked up a design, which elegantly builds on our current company style. For the content Kibook attentively set about understanding the particular demands of our business and devised a bespoke solution for the website which now more than adequately cover our needs.

From the very beginning Kibook have been an absolute pleasure to work with, they have always been available for questions and revisions to the development, and have carefully explained issues in an easy-to-understand no-jargon language.
Nina Ernst
Projects Co-Ordinator

A Vos Marques
I have worked with Mark on the development of my first website and its latest incarnation and we have also collaborated on projects for other clients such as CGD Research Trust, a medical charity. I have found Mark easy to work with, he is creative and an expert in his field and consistently finds the most simple and attractive solution to the brief you give him. I have full control of my website as he built it to fit my requests and wrote detailed instructions to help me. He is also always available to answer questions and concerns, even when he is on the other side of the world! I have no hesitation in recommending Mark. He keeps himself informed of all latest developments and is at the forefront of his industry. He recommends excellent and reliable suppliers and that enhances the experience of working with Mark.
Bénédicte Windle
Marketing Consultant
July 2010

The brief was for an innovative and totally unique site utilising the latest software, and including complex animations. We were very happy with the initial development work by Kibook and the resulting site has been a huge success. An ongoing working relationship with Kibook has seen the site and online shop continue to develop.
Sam Buxton
Nominated Designer of the Year 2004

World Society for
the Protection of Animals
Their work has played a vital role in setting up our website which will become a key part of our campaign to end bear farming. Based on our experience I recommend Kibook as a solid and reliable company, who more than matched our expectations.
Georgina Groves
Programmes Officer

The Elastic Band
I've worked on many projects with Mark over the years where we have developed innovative websites and CD-ROMs. He has an astute design eye, he is apt to finding the best solutions, has extreme patience when working under pressure and is able to see any project through. I very much enjoyed working on projects with Mark and hope to continue to do so in the years to come.
Nick Searle
Interactive Media Developer
July 2010

Tom Davis Design
Mark and I worked on various projects together at Kibook. He is always a pleasure to work with - his creative flair and great project management resulted in a some very happy clients!
Tom Davis
January 2011

Saunders Web Solutions
Mark is a very creative designer who is thorough and has a good eye for detail. My clients were very happy with the designs he provided.
Kevin Saunders
July 2010

Yellow Earth Theatre
Thank you for being my lifeline during my time with Yellow Earth. It has truly been a pleasure working with you.
Diana Pao
Former General Manager

The Pearl Foundation
Since our inception in 2003, Mark Wu has been instrumental in developing our various websites. We have found Mark's work to be of the highest standard and are very pleased with his expertise and professionalism. In many instances he has gone out of his way to meet our needs and objectives and has contributed his own free time to assist us with our social work and aims.
William Ong
CEO - Founder

British American Tobacco
Formula One Sponsorship
Kibook had the rare capacity to quickly merge with the rest of our expert partners and work efficiently with what we like to call the Lucky Strike community. Be it our Design Agency (Fitch) or our PR Agency (Jardine), the working relationship have always been smooth and constructive. They know that our business is about fast reactions and quick actions, and Kibook adapted to this pressure very easily.

Kibook is also a leading company for any internet based development work and is a valuable consultant to Lucky Strike Racing Team regarding these matters. They are proactive and have a great planning ability, which is key to our business.
Yan Lefort
Lucky Strike PR Manager

Yellow Earth Theatre
From initial concept, development, photo shoot through to final print, Kibook was consistently original, creative and professional. Their quality can be seen in the excellent print generated. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for similar work.
David K.S. Tse
Artistic Director

Ravernsbourne College
of Design and Communication
The Kibook team demonstrated intelligence and tenacity in helping us define the brief, which was exceptionally demanding, and they enthusiastically generated a series of compelling concepts to meet it. They left no stone unturned to ensure that we, the client, were happy with the process as well as the end result and their passion for design clearly showed in the finished product.

I have no hesitation in recommending their intelligent, mindful approach to digital design and their relaxed but attentive client management style.
Susan Lee
Project Director of The Creativity Incubator

Kibook Ltd developed a number of innovative CD-ROM based tools for use as sales presenters for L'Oreal. These tools allowed the L'Oreal sales team to customise multimedia presentations to the needs to potential buyers and very effectively brought to life the strengths of the Fructis product range.

We were very happy with both the creativity and quality of these tools and enjoyed working with the Kibook team.
Mike Keech
Fructis Style Senior Product Manager

Yellow Earth Theatre
Thank you so much for being such an integral part of putting "The Nightingale" together. You've been a superb help.
Monica Yam
Former Marketing Manager

Nick Turner Photography
The many creative touches to the site that really make it work came entirely from the design teams thoughtful approach, they really understood what I needed from a website to help my business grow and delivered a site of a much higher quality that I expected.

The website has had only a positive effect on my business and has certainly raised my profile in the photography world and has definitely brought in extra work in the year since it went online. In all I can't fault them for their professionalism and creativity and unremitting helpfulness.
Nick Turner