A Short Profile

It's not often that I like writing about myself, not that I do now. I prefer to let my work do the talking. But after many years working with design online, I've gotten used to the fact that any net presence for a working professional is a shop window for their skills. And since you've come through the door, I should really tell you a bit about myself.

My work aims to create a stylistic but considered visual aesthetic, perhaps influenced by my East Asian and British background. But since I'm a designer and not an artist as such, I see my influences and experiences as elements to draw upon to create great work.

I've been drawing and visualising all my life and after a hesitant induction to the digital world back in 1997, I've never looked back. I've been lucky to have had a decent and fulfilling career so far, having initially co-founded a design company, riding out the dot com boom (and then bust) and then a sixteen month traveling stint in East Asia before returning to London to go freelance.

I work best when conjuring up digital "worlds" that are as practical as they are creative, preferably with a synergy of visual style and creative programming. I thrive when I juggle design and technology. I love creating something that has colour and detail but I'm equally passionate about clean lines, white space and simplicity. Ultimately, the best idea drives the process.

I'm British Born Chinese but that doesn't automatically mean I speak multiple Chinese dialects. English is my main language as I've lived in London most of my life, though I touch on Cantonese when pushed. I've been a barman, met Royalty, practiced archery, worked in DIY retail, been a film extra with Brad Pitt, sparred with Darth Maul and spun my way to a National Chinese Martial Arts Medal.

I was previously an Interactive Associate of Yellow Earth Theatre and a board director of The British Chinese (Political) Project as well as a past member of the London ICA's Cultural Entrepreneur's Club. Now I'm a father and home owner and when not designing, I can be found curating a growing collection of DIY tools in my garage.

Oh, and did I mention I prefer to let my work do the talking?


Last updated: 18.06.2015

Brands I am...

Digital Life, Apple.
Photography, Nikon.
TVs, Sony, Panasonic.
Tshirts, Diesel, Uniqlo.
Jackets, Superdry.
Organisers, Filofax.
Journals, Traveler's Notebooks.
Pens, Cross.
Accessories, Hard Graft.
Wallets, Dunhill.
Watches, Casio MTG.
Smells, CK Be.
Key Cases, Phigvel.
Designer Figures, Hot Toys.
Water Bottles, Kor.

Mark Wu portrait
Yu Gardens, Shanghai, April 2010