Press and PR... “...excellent cursor interactions a delight to behold”

  The Chinese Weekly

A new, London-based weekly newspaper, The Chinese Weekly, (the UK's only Simplified Chinese newspaper) contacted me for my opinions for a report in their launch issue. The report was about the particular phenomenon that Chinese become "silent" and "invisible" in the mainstream British media. Their interest came about through my Visible Chinese project and in their report, they cover a number of related issues and highlight some of the profiles from the website.

You can check out the article on their website here:

From the "Silent" to the "Visible Chinese".

October 2010 : Website and Newspaper

  South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post, Hong Kong's leading English language newspaper, interviewed me for their Sunday Edition, Post Magazine. The interview resulted in an article for their regular column "Long-distance call" which features Chinese people who have gone overseas and achieved moderate success. More information, including the article itself, can be seen in my journal entry here.

May 2009 : Print Magazine

  Dim Sum Community Website

Dim Sum

The British Chinese Community website interviewed me about the website I founded, Visible Chinese. More information, including the article itself, can be seen in my journal entry here.

December 2008 : Website

  UK Chinese Times

UK Chinese Times

Author and investigative journalist Hsiao-Hung Pai, interviewed me about the website I founded, Visible Chinese. She produced an article for the Chinese language newspaper the UK Chinese Times. More information, including the article itself, can be seen in my journal entry here.

February 2009 : Print Newspaper

  Grafik : "Showcase"


Website mention alongside the Showcase of Sam Buxton's Mikro Man invitation for the launch party of the VX Collective.

June 2004 : Print Magazine

  Web Designer :
"Sources of Inspiration"

Web Designer

Digiquaria” featured in issue 93 of Web Designer magazine.

Visitors are presented with little more than a virtual water tank that plays host to a series of colourfully bizarre animated creatures. Eight types can be selected, with the excellent cursor interactions a delight to behold.”

May 2004 : Print Magazine

  PAGE : New Work Featured


Illustrations (Stills) developed for the "Creativity Incubator" project featured in an article about new design trends, in the German design magazine, PAGE.

Jan 2004 : Print Magazine

  79th Art Directors Club Annual Awards

79th Art Directors Club Annual Awards

Esfore-Entropy” was a Gold winner in the Student New Media category at the 79th Art Directors Club Annual Awards held in New York.

The Art Directors Club, based in New York, is an international not-for-profit organization of leading creatives in advertising, graphic design, interactive media, broadcast design, typography, packaging, environmental design, photography, illustration, and related disciplines.

The mission of the Art Directors Club is to promote the highest standards of excellence and integrity in visual communications, and to encourage students and young professionals entering the field.”

There were 800 student entries for the 79th Awards. The Medalists were announced and listed in the specialised press, in the US and abroad. All winners had their work published in the 79th Annual, the commemorative book with full credits and colour image reproductions. To acknowledge their achievements, Gold winners received an Award Certificate and a custom-designed cube. The 79th Annual ADC Exhibition Preview and Private Gala was held on Thursday June 1, 2000 at the Art Directors Club new Gallery. A VIP and press reception was also held for all winners. The exhibition included the works of Gold, Silver and Distinctive Merit winners and travelled throughout the world during 2000-2001.

Judges for the category included John Maeda of MaedaStudio, Matthew Budelmann of Red Hat (San Francisco), Thomas Mueller of Razorfish and Naomi Enami of Digitalogue, Tokyo.

Jun 2000 : Award and Exhibition

  Europrix 99

Europrix 99

Esfore-Entropy” nominated for the "Europrix Students' Award".

Europrix is an annual 'Europe-wide contest in creativity', covering many categories of new media. It's run to promote the best new media talent from each EU Member State, the European Economic Area, Applicant States from Central and Eastern Europe, plus Cyprus, Malta and Turkey.

There are six categories included, plus a special student's competition. Esfore-Entropy was shown as one of the Top 15 nominees at the Europrix Students Festival in Vienna (October 7 - 9), where it was further nominated as one of the Top 5. Five of the best products in each of the other categories were also nominated and were shown, together with the Top 5 Student products, at the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 13 - 15, 1999. The winners were announced at the final Europrix Gala in Finland, November 1999.

Jury's comments:

The concept of an equation to take the user through the showcase is original and gives a good impression of the producer's way of thinking and approach. Further, the ease of use, functionality, navigation and orientation are of a high quality. One never gets lost, or has the feeling that not everything has been seen. Attractiveness, aesthetic value and screen design are good and are very well balanced. This contributes to the quality and comprehensiveness of the content

Considering the quality of interactivity and the value added through multimedia, Esfore-Entropy is an excellent example of how work can be shown with a multimedia production.

Looking at the quality of the technical realisation, the product has no flaws. This shows that the student producers are up and ready for the multimedia market in Europe.”

Nov 1999 : Award and Exhibition in Vienna, Frankfurt and Tampere, Finland.

  Design Preis Schweiz 99

Design Preis Schweiz

Esfore-Entropy” awarded a Distinction in the 'Willy Guhl' category at the Design Preis Schweiz competition, 1999.

The Design Preis Schweiz acts as a forum: award ceremony, media coverage, catalogue and exhibition help and support. Popularising design and exposing its guiding factors is the award's purpose; from the beginning its intention has been to present the latest developments in design."

Esfore-Entropy” was displayed, along with the other winning contributions, in the Kunstmuseum, Solothurn, until January 9th, 2000.

Jury's comments:

In new media design we must suffer a rapidly widening trench. Technology may well be more capable than design; excellent technical solutions must make do with banal design contributions.

The project 'Esfore-Entropy', a research project, extends the design scope into three-dimensional space: the designers have developed digital tools - figures, graphics, structures - of impressively sensuous quality. The work, exceptionally didactically prepared, ranks well above the usual experiments in new media design.

Of course, alot of the design's concept and structure is behind the screen - and therefore unseen - thank goodness there are efforts to present the visible part in an appealing manner.”

1999 : Solothurn Exhibition

  Milia 99


Esfore-Entropy” CD-ROM project selected by an international jury for The New Talent Pavilion at Milia 99.

Milia is described as "the world's only true international event dedicated to interactive media content".

It is held in Cannes, France, every February.

Feb 1999 : Cannes Exhibition

  UCON 99

Macromedia UCON Finalist

Esfore-Entropy” CD-ROM project displayed in the Gallery at the Macromedia International User Conference, May 25-27 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The project also appeared in the UCON Web Gallery, in the Conference Proceedings and various other multimedia presentations at the Conference.

May 25-27, 1999 : San Francisco Exhibition and Web Exhbition

  Young Blood

Esfore-Entropy” CD-ROM project featured at "Young Blood: An exhibition of tomorrow's creatives". It was exhibited as part of soho_inc, a creative media arts festival to run between 26th-30 July in Soho.

Held at leading advertising agency Ammirati Puris Lintas, Young Blood was seen by the general public as well as professionals from within the creative industry.

Jul 26-30, 1999 : Soho Exhibition, London

  Australian Film Commission

Australian Film Commission

Esfore-Entropy” included in the "Australian Multimedia Catalogue" from the Australian Film Commission.

The catalogue is available in hardcopy and online, updated twice a year and distributed at major European trade fairs - Milia and E3.

1999 : Print and Online Catalogue

  Avanca 99


Esfore-Entropy” was selected to participate at Avanca 99 (Portugal) which ran between 21st - 25th July. Avanca is an "International Meeting of Cinema, Tv, Video and Multimedia".

The objective is to trace a global perspective of the contemporarity in cinema, television, video and multimedia.”

July 1999 : Portugal Exhibition

  MIM 99


Esfore-Entropy” requested to be shown at the Multimedia International Market (MIM) Trade show in Montreal on 15th, 16th and 17th of September 1999.

Mim 99 - The Digital Revolution. MIM offers to better serve professionals working in the new digital technologies: electronic publishing, digital image and sound, and NIT - information highways, radio, TV, film, cable, telephone, satellite, etc.”

Sep 15-17, 1999 : Montreal Trade Show

  Dissection - A New Epoch in Electronic Interaction”


Esfore-Entropy” presented as part of this exhibition/project at The Macau Museum of Art.

This programme enables the residents of Macau to learn more about the multifunction of CD-Rom and is an unprecedented experience to many people.

We endeavour to promote this project to as many people as possible. In September, we shall contact the schools in Macau and hope the school students would benefit from this programme as a stepping stone to widen their eyesight of the IT world.”

Aug 17 - Nov 11, 2000 : Macau Exhibition

  European Multimedia Art Festival


Esfore-Entropy” chosen for presentation at the European Multimedia Art Festival.

The EUROPEAN MEDIA ART FESTIVAL was held between 3-7 May 2000 at Osnabrôck, Germany, presenting a cross section of innovative and experimental media art.

Productions by internationally renowned artists were shown as well as works by creative young talents who stand out with their inventiveness and their joy in creating unconventional images.

May 2000 : Germany Exhibition

  Transmediale 2000

Transmediale 2000

Esfore-Entropy” chosen for presentation at Transmediale 2000.

"The Transmediale, one of the biggest and most renowned international festivals for electronic and digital media is taking place every year alongside the 'Berliner Filmfestspiele' at the Podewil right in the centre of Berlin and presents the most actual developments of electronic and digital Media Art."

Feb 11 - 20, 2000 : Berlin Digital Media Festival

  ICA Gallery Talk


Gallery Talk: Mark Wu and Stefan Woelwer:

International graphic artists and directors of Kibook, Mark Wu and Stefan Woelwer, examine the strands that link commercial graphics with art in the context of experimental M/M design and London-based digital media design.”

Jan 12,2002, 2pm : Talk
  ICA New Media Centre


The Kibook website listed in the New Media Centre Website as a recommendation of the month.

The idea of the New Media Centre Exhibition was to provide a showcase for cuting-edge digital art in the context of the ICA. Informal discussion groups were held with Stefan and Mark, two of the authors of Esfore-Entropy.

Apr 2000 : Web

  ICA New Media Centre


Esfore-Entropy” featured in A New Media Centre Exhibition at the ICA.

The Institute of Contemporary Arts is a public playground for developing and presenting new and challenging work across the arts; for forging innovative ways of thinking about the wider culture; and for experimenting with the presentation of the arts.”

Apr 5 - 27, 2000 : London Exhbition

  Pleasezine : Profiled


Profiled in the "Focus" section of the online Italian Design magazine "Pleasezine"

Feb 2004 : Online Magazine

  3AM Magazine Interview with KIBOOK

3AM Magazine

Online magazine "3AM Magazine" interviewed Kibook. Subject: ART OR DESIGN?

From cutting edge short fiction to political satire and music reviews, 3AM is a dream publication for the young, literary and clued-up, and it counter balances nicely the London/New York publishing behemoth” - The Times

July 2002 : Online Magazine

  3AM Magazine Interview
KIBOOK and Kazuko Hohki

3AM Magazine

3AM Magazine” interviewed Kazuko Hohki together with Kibook.

November 2002 : Online Magazine

  Empire's Whos Who Executive and Professional

Empire Who's Who

Honoured Member of the Empire's Whos Who Executive and Professional 2004.

Aug 2003 : Print Publication

  2002 Who's Who of
Britain's Young Entrepreneurs

Selected for the Who's Who of Britain's Young Entrepreneurs.

Who's Who Publications are the publishers of the worlds most prestigious professional library; The Official Who's Who.

These are historical works of reference featuring today's most prominent and successful members of the professional community. From our renowned London headquarters our distinguished team ensures that our range of books maintain their status as independent, authoritative works of reference.

Individuals selected for a biographical entry enjoy unprecedented recognition as our books are highly acclaimed for their editorial quality and integrity.

2002 : Print Publication

  Chinese Who's Who

Selected for the Chinese Who's Who Publication.

The content of Chinese Who's Who is basically divided into five categories of entries: community organisations, business organisations, professional organisations, individuals and international figures. By categorising our entries, we aim to record and highlight Chinese achievements in all fields, to include Chinese achievers from all kinds of occupational backgrounds and to give a voice to those achievements that have not so far been recognised.

The aims of the Chinese Who's Who are to contribute to a positive image, a fair representation and a better understanding of the Chinese community in the UK and Europe.

2001 : Print and Online Publication



KIBOOK character designs and games showcased by Pictoplasma (Contemporary Character Design and Art).

August 2002 : Exhibition
  Drunken Boat

Drunken Boat

'Dancing Prey' interactive animation from Esfore-Entropy” project featured in the second Winter 2000 / 2001 issue of the online journal of arts / literature: Drunken

Winter 2000-2001 : Web Magazine

  Chinatown The Magazine : Profiled

Chinatown the Magazine

Profiled in issue 9 of Chinatown the Magazine, in a special feature article titled "Breaking the Mould 2".

Nov 2003 : Print Magazine

  Creative Review

Creative Review

Esfore-Entropy” CD-ROM project featured and reviewed on the CD with the April 1999 issue of the communication arts magazine, Creative Review.

Apr 99 : Print Magazine and CD-ROM

  Computer Arts

Computer Arts

Personal business card featured in the article "Introduce yourself"

Aug 99 : Print Magazine

  Computer Arts

Computer Arts

Esfore-Entropy” website URL promotion in "Worth While Web".

Jul 99 : Print Magazine


CGI Magazine

Esfore-Entropy” mentioned in the article "Milianairie's playground" in the May 1999 issue of the computer graphics magazine, CGI.

May 99 : Print Magazine

  New Media Creative

New Media Age

Esfore-Entropy” mentioned in the article "School's Out" in Issue 1 (July/August/September 99) of New Media Creative.

1999 : Print Magazine



Esfore-Entropy” mentioned in the news article "Macs make Milia move" in the April 1999 issue of Macworld magazine.

Apr 99 : Print Magazine